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How does Generation Z’s see the New year?

New Year – Generation Z is this a New Beginning?

Generation Z Pluto in Sagattarius

Generation Z and a the natal chart shows Pluto in your Sagittarius 9th House. This created YOU with strength that has you are looking for ways to channel this energy! Your here and wonding what can I do to make this year the start of a better every year that follows?

Generation Z was created with pluto in Sagittarius ninth house, demographically, you are the most diverse and of course the most educated generation to date, compare that with the boomers (me), we were set off after year 10 to find the world uneducated! Your creation has proven to lead you to be a digital nomad, with a strong indication that you will likely influence the globally-minded consciousness and ethical consumption habits, due to the awareness you can gain. Education is a given as it no longer sets you ahead but a mandatory requirement for you (Gen Zs), in order to eventually earn a decent wage, unless you use that digital abiliy and kickstart a lucrative career online full-time. 

Recognising the world is not what you want it to be gives you determination to find today as the day YOU are changing it! Let’s get building your bucket list and work yourself into the space of becoming the better YOU. You are a self indentifier and ready to take on the world but not sure yet just how you will do that! Is this YOU? If so, then let’s show you where to start!

Positivity and the foundations laid out by astrology are the two necessities I found very early on that give me the guidance and direction to stay strong and strive for the future looking at a better me, you can start now and work you way towards it. Tomorrow is another day to add to the day’s ahead creating the path so don’t put off until tomorrow what you can achieve today – set today’s agenda now and get started on that new journey.

Here is a list of suggestions for a bucket list for a self-identifying woman like yourself to feel the strength of being successful in life:

  1. Take a leadership role in your career or community, such as becoming a manager or starting a business.
  2. Learn a new skill or take on a challenging project that pushes you out of your comfort zone.
  3. Volunteer your time or resources to a cause you are passionate about.
  4. Go on an adventure or travel to a new place, whether solo or with friends.
  5. Get in shape and set a personal fitness goal, such as running a marathon or completing a triathlon.
  6. Learn a new language or instrument.
  7. Create a personal financial plan and work towards your financial goals.
  8. Write a book, start a blog, or pursue a creative outlet.
  9. Develop and maintain meaningful relationships with friends and family.
  10. Reflect on your personal values and set long-term life goals that align with them.

Remember, the key to feeling successful is not necessarily achieving external benchmarks of success, but rather finding personal fulfillment and a sense of accomplishment in your own endeavors.

Choose one(1) to start with of the 10 you have written down and get started on that one(1) today! If you need more time to build your positivity and creativity up then visit us www.blog.luv1111.com to see how.

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