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Learn how reading your Star-sign can shape your Personal Development Knowledge

Whilst growing relationships……

Have Guts, Learn to Grind, and Grow to Find the YOU, you DREAM to be.

Our Zodiac Fortune Cookie is bringing you a world of spark that will enlighten your life, show you how to grow and where to drive your world to next!

We show compelling evidence that the Horoscope is more enlightening and quite understandable.

What is the Purpose of this knowledge?

Many of us wonder how to get to a better me, so we have created the journey for you to discover, what is already there, and how to make it bigger with more sparkle! Just take the TONIC each day and you will be hit with that jolt of vibrance you desire. It won’t come easily but it will come if you are persistant!

Circle of Association

To be magnanimous is a strength of your character, to build your character, you will grow from the people that surround you. We fill your world with like minded people that will assist you in building your character and your ability to be magnanimous. Being generous in life and expecting less than what you give, is the essence of great success.

Zodiac of December

I was born a zodiac of December, sagittarian – a mutable sign, meaning I am associated as an adaptable and flexible character, in saying that, I using these characteristics to create paths and challenges for you to find your character and learn how to build on them. The first challenge for you to undertake is the QUIZ “How to be a better YOU” and then follow on with the mindfulness challenge.

Soul mate relationships

Whether you are looking for a soul mate best friend, or a new fitness workout, one of the major resources people use is to check their horoscopes for matchmaking or similar advice. In the final analysis, it is clearly the personality that has been mapped out by a birth sign, so by rules, easy to tell whether or not that person is going to be compatible. Ah… Is it really that easy?

Find out more about your character and how you read why the horoscope can work for you.

Learn what there is to find out about a person that makes them compatible with you – whether it be personal or business or why you don’t feel the urge to excercise!

Learning your zodiac traits can quickly improve your future – Is it finances that you wish to improve?

Firstly, understand YOU, then establish a set of characteristics and associations that will guide you to a successful growth.

Intro $FREE

Create the YOU that keeps you happy and productive with your health and wealth.

Finding the happy place is the only solution to getting everything working and everyone around you


Are you the person you want to be??

Do you need to find your hidden strength, locate those positive feelings – then let’s just drink some positivity tonic and zap you with vibrant thoughts!


List of Courses

Develop Your Toolbox – Learn the adjectives that best describe YOU

We teach you – How to work those characteristics you have to be positive and a forward planner.

Mindfuless – 30 day Crash Course

The Zodiac lays the foundation and motivate you to find the paths to get to the “Better YOU”.

We have created the Mindfulness challenge to get you started on “The Law of Attraction” affirmation and work within a positive world where you set the boundaries and breakdown the walls of confinement with just a tonic a day!

Rapid Fire Your New Confidence

Developing the inner confidence the first step however without outwardly displaying your confidence and feeling self assured about yourself, how does your world change?

Join us here to fast track your way to a new confidence – with a tonic a day!

A Tonic A Day

What is A Tonic A Day?? No… we don’t fill you up with potions and spells to get you to where you want to be ! We show you the daily duties you need to perform to start the journey to discover who you are and where you your world can travel

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