Positive affirmations

There are various positive affirmations methods available for those interested in using affirmation techniques as a way of life.

Positive financial affirmations

Perhaps the one that comes highly recommended is the style of written affirmations. This
particular style of affirmation has very positive and powerful benefits.

Keys on how to write a positive affirmation

Here are some keys as to how to write and use affirmations correctly:

•Write the affirmation using the present tense. When the affirmation
is written in the present tense it creates a pattern in the mind set to
identify and agree with the body and the surrounding elements to
create the necessary circumstances in the present.
This helps to keep the individual in the mindset of executing the actions
immediately and not “tomorrow”!. Which in turn works strongly to keep the
procrastination habit at bay.

•Use the inner voice to agree with the affirmation that is written. Writing an
affirmation that is possibly linked to unreal expectations will not
allow the body and mind to work together to achieve the intended
goal. The inner voice must be on board with the goal set and
affirmation can help this happen. Ensuring the affirmation is achievable.

•Keep the written short and to the point. If the mind is tired or lazy, it
is hardly going to read a long and boring affirmation piece, no matter
how well worded it is. Stick to the important points the needs to be

•The affirmation written must be believable. If there is any doubt
linked to the affirmation then the mind is unable to convince the
other parts of the body to work towards the goal.

•Truly desire the affirmation made. If the desire is powerful than the
affirmation becomes that much more powerful. Therefore ensure the
goal is really and truly what is desired because positive affirmation
will make it come to pass.

The creation of an affirmation is to accept that the positivity of reading and actioning the reactions needed is a great move forward.

Start today to create your positive new YOU! Continue the road to positivity here.

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